Icarus Verilog

This example worked great once I resolved one hitch which was that the .82 version of the Icarus verilog windows installer would like to place the iverilog root directory by default at c:\Program Files\Icarus Verilog; this path didn't work for me with the Iverilog-vpi command (I think) because the MinGW compiler can't stand the space in the path between Program and File and between Icarus and Verilog. I'd get errors when trying the iverilog-vpi portion of the example. I reinstalled the .82 version in a c:\iverilog directory and all worked great.

I was quite concerned about being able to successfull accomplish the MinGW installation. There are alot of files in the MinGW download section and I'd never installed MinGw before. I was concerned that I'd get lost in the woods on that install task. I simply followed the MinGW "Real Dumb Quick start" wiki and all went well.

Initially I tried to use a Microsoft C compiler but found that it was missing the inttypes.h file. I never solved that problem and went to the (plan B) MinGW.

Perhaps a troubleshooting guide is needed?[]

I see from your comment that there are two issues to be addressed. One is that there needs to be some easy documentation for how to install the Mingw compiler. There really is a very easy installer for Mingw, but it is not obvious from their web page.

The other is that there needs to be a "Troubleshooting" guide for users that, like you, have a little bit of difficulty. I should at least make an outline for that. Stevewilliams 20:15, 22 November 2006 (UTC)

DPI support[]


Is there any talk of adding support for DPI?  Specifically import and export capabilities?

Thanks! 15:08, March 27, 2015 (UTC)pmeyeratdatest

We do not have any current plans for adding DPI support though it is certainly needed at some point in time.

Cary (talk) 18:28, April 13, 2015 (UTC)